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[General] Housekeeping!

Whew. Well, got a bunch of work code done. Talked with Kevin about a few design things for the next version or two down the line, and will be writing that up tomorrow.

I also took all the Christmas boxes to the recycling center, and then got a sensible lunch at Subway on the way back. Mom showed up with the station wagon just a little later, and we drove to Ikea -- which was a MADHOUSE -- and bought two new bookshelves. I got rid of the ugly pressboard shelves I had in one part of my room, putting these in instead.

Once we managed to get home, and tried to haul things up to the bedroom -- which ended up needing brent2005's help, since we were a little tired after fighting our way through Ikea crowds -- mom headed off. Now I have my room all nice and organized! One shelf still needs to be replaced by a sort of bedside table thing, but overall, it's good. The old shelves, and all the cardboard packaging from the new shelves, will get hauled to the dump/recycling center tomorrow, with mom's help.

I also got all the grocery shopping done! Trying to keep stocked up on sensible things so that I can actually eat more healthy and keep trying to lose weight.

But I did not get out and get my writing done, which disappoints me. :(

Tomorrow, I have work code to do, and a few things to write up for Kevin. Then I'm going to run and deposit another check in the bank. Then I'm going to do the dump run with my mom. Then I'm going to go drop off a bunch of plastic bags for Ophelia at the local bookstore -- she doesn't have a supplier for bags, so relies on the regulars to bring in spare bags to put books in for customers -- and head off to my riding lesson.

Whew! Busy busy. But I do feel good about getting all this stuff done!
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