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[General] Whew!

Whee! Well, in addition to doing a bit of work for Trillian 3.1, I got a few other things done today. Taking a page from stephdray, I'm going to make a list for today and a checklist for tomorrow as well to keep myself organized.

    Breakfast (it's good to actually eat!)
    Work on project list for building department projects on Firan
    Banking errands
    Lunch with amezuki and the tadlet.
    Pick up new notebook for writing, current one almost full.
    Make appointment to get Skuld tuned up. (Yay, VW extended warranty!)
    Get plants to brighten up for living room.
    Walk. (Exercise good.)
    Work on The Last Page. (1800 words)
    Vacuum second-floor landing, third floor hallway, and stairs between.

    Drop off car loan payment at BoA.
    Lunch with my mother.
    Walk with my mother.
    Take Christmas boxes to recycling center.
    Get plants to brighten up dining room.
    Since Ikea trip is cancelled, mop kitchen floor.
    Weight Watchers weigh-in with dad.
    Dinner with dad.
    Victory Music (live music at Third Place Books) with dad if there's time, work on writing there.
    Do dishes once home.

I feel like I've been a lot more productive lately. Whether it's just being past the deadline at work, or cutting Coke out of my diet, eating healthier in general, exercising, horses, or some combination thereof, it's nice to get stuff /done/. And I'm certainly happier with the way the house looks again. Though poor brent2005 keeps coming home to discover that I've hung up new pictures, or rearranged the living room, or put a plant on the table or something. :)

I do think cutting Coke out of my diet made that chai latte while I was writing go a HELL of a lot farther; I'm babbling online manically and bouncing off the ceiling as I clean...
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