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[General] Woog...

Didn't sleep much last night, and woke up early after a nightmare that Jennifer had called me to tell me that a drunken driver heading home from Christmas Eve revels had mistakenly turned up the access road to the farm, plowed into a paddock and struck Chester. Never mind that there's absolutely no way you could hit a horse from the access road without driving around or through at least one building; it seemed feasible in the dream, and was still a nasty nightmare!

New diet rule: even if it's going slightly over the daily limit, do not go to bed with stomach grumbling that you're really hungry. Baaad dreams.

Got up to take a shower to make myself feel more human before heading to my parents' house for family gathering... and my shower curtain rod fell down, and took quite a while to get back up in place. :P

Luckily, the nightmare was just a nightmare, the shower rod's back in place, and I'm showered and feeling human (if a little groggy and out of it), so it hasn't really made much of a dent in my overall mood. Off to my parents' for Christmas foodies and prezzies. Though my big present is, of course, already known to me: the next couple of months of riding lessons!

Hope everyone is having a good holiday.
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