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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Random] Random observations

First random observation: I am not nearly so sore as I have been after lessons in weeks past. I am still a bit achey, but not nearly so badly. Maybe I'm building up a bit of tolerance!

Second random observation: choosing to start a diet right at the holidays, while it will keep you from overeating during them, is a form of torture the likes of which is probably banned by the Geneva Convention. *whimper* All the candies and cakes and good treats and foods and all. It wasn't bothering me the last couple of days, but today I accidentally blew off breakfast by oversleeping, and so I ate a big brunch instead, and then had a small dinner, and now I'm hungry and insomniac. Gah.


The key word, my friend, is "moderation". I don't deprive myself - I just allow myself a taste of this and that. Surprisingly, more often than not, a taste is all I can stand. :)
Exactly what Tigana said. Moderation! You should be able to have a bit of everything on a diet.

Of course, I think my diet should start, oh... tomorrow.