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[Horsie] Stable Christmas Party...

Went by the stables after errands today for the holiday party. Jennifer (the farm owner) was very pleased with the 40 pounds of apples as a holiday gift. So, needless to say, were the horses. :)

Before it got too dark there was a demonstration in the outside ring of various types of show competition by graduates of the school. Got to meet three new horses who I hadn't yet met; Remi (a beautiful spotted horse), Orion (brown with a white blaze), and Oscar. Oscar's a very striking gray horse, too; he's a retired Olympic-class horse, who used to compete with his former owner who was one of the Canadian Olympic team's riders back in the early 90's.

After the demonstration we went to the indoor riding ring for a /second/ demonstration, this time of Mexican Horse Dancing. Then it was cookies and cake and cupcakes and all kinds of things for everyone; most of the adults only had a couple of cookies, but the various kids had a pretty serious sugar buzz going. After a while they went out into the attached indoor riding ring and ran around and around pretending to be horses, and jumping over (very low-set) jumps themselves.

To get away from the (by then slightly packed) office, I went out to the stables for a little bit to visit with Chester. Ended up just leaning back against the wall by Chester's stall, and he leaned out to rest his chin on my shoulder. At least until he decided he wanted a treat and put his nose behind my shoulder to push me away from the wall towards the tack room.

Also ran into Jennifer there; it was her was taking one of the apples to go feed Orion which set Chester off wanting another treat. I gave Chester an apple, and got ectoplasmic horse-drool applesauce all over my coat again. Desi, in the stall next to Chester, got a little irked at not getting an apple; he's a little old to eat a whole apple, but I had apple juice all over my hand, and let him lick it off at Jennifer's suggestion. He proceeded to get apple juice all over his nose from nuzzling at my hand... and then, because he could smell it, started trying to lick it off his nose.

I also got a few pictures of the horses, though a lot didn't come out well since I haven't quite found the best camera settings for in the barn. The stall walls look a little odd because they're covered with wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, drawings of the horses and whatever else people chose to decorate stalls with for the holidays.

Oscar, posing for an adoring crowd. This didn't come out as well as it could because, alas, we were right by Cleo's stall and Cleo was a little skittish. Though I was told it was probably okay, I decided not to use a flash where it might make Cleo more edgy. Alas, I had to use the slower exposure as a result, and got jostled slightly as I took the picture, making it blurry.

Chester, poking his head out of the stall and hoping for another apple or carrot or something.

Desi trying to lick apple juice off of his nose.
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