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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Work] Trillian 3.0 released!

Our new website design has gone live and Trillian 3.0 has been released -- and the free version has been upgraded to 3.0 as well! -- though the Cerulean Studios website is taking a beating due to the hits. Download.com and alternate download links are Highly Recommended. :)

In other, 'you'd think it was obvious, but that implies I was thinking' news: the almost-a-mile walk between house and organic grocery store (downhill there, uphill back) feels a hell of a long longer when the walk back involves carrying a 40-pound bushel of apples. There should be happy horses, though!


Thank god that's Rackspace's problem, not ours. Still... *groan* ...hope poor Apache doesn't fall over.