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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Work] Trillian 3.0 released!

Our new website design has gone live and Trillian 3.0 has been released -- and the free version has been upgraded to 3.0 as well! -- though the Cerulean Studios website is taking a beating due to the hits. Download.com and alternate download links are Highly Recommended. :)

In other, 'you'd think it was obvious, but that implies I was thinking' news: the almost-a-mile walk between house and organic grocery store (downhill there, uphill back) feels a hell of a long longer when the walk back involves carrying a 40-pound bushel of apples. There should be happy horses, though!


And the announcement's up on slashdot, time to bring in another DS3 to cover the bandwidth demand.
Thank god that's Rackspace's problem, not ours. Still... *groan* ...hope poor Apache doesn't fall over.