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[Riding] Chester, Round Two

I'll keep it short, 'cause I'm sure most of my friends are getting sick of reading a 'horsie horsie!' post every Thursday. ;)

Rode Chester again. Kara and I talked about whether or not I should stick with him; she thinks I'm learning quickly on him, and that he and I have developed a rapport (even though he's a brat!), but also agrees that he's normally a more advanced horse, and she may try me on someone else for a little while. I only managed one sort-of post today, because Chester decided it was Go Really Fast Day; he has two trots ('second gear' and 'third gear,' as Kara calls them), and 'second gear' is what I can handle, but Chester decided it was time to Go Fast. A Lot.

On the other hand, even if he wouldn't go to 'second gear' and so would only shift between walk and 'third gear,' Chester was at least obeying my navigation and start/stop/go-fast directions. So this is improvement. I also managed to get all his tack on, and off, and cleaned without having to ask for anything other than 'I DID do that right, right?' What's particularly funny is that Elizabeth and I -- two of the school's most beginner students -- ended up having to teach the only student less experienced than me how to clean tack today.

Anyway, we're responsible for treats for our horses, and so after riding and cleaning tack and all, I took orders from others in the stables and made a quick store run. And discovered that Chester drools -- and we're talking like Ghostbusters-ectoplasm drool here -- when you feed him granny smith apples, which are his favorite treat. I received a liberal coating of this drool-goo mixed with chewed apple, bits of hay and carrot shreds, and now I understand what wonderwombat was talking about when she mentioned a horse 'sliming' her.

Also stuck around to help out at the stables afterwards, because I didn't want to face 520 traffic. Home now, though.

Horsie horsie! (Oh, you knew I had to say it at least once. Other than the mood icon.)
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