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[Technical] What's Eating Sparks, Now?

Apologies to those around me if I've been a little snarky this week when it comes to anything technically-related. This has basically been the week from hell when it comes to tech stuff, and so I'm on a far shorter fuse than usual. I realized just how much when I realized I'd been a bit snarkier than necessary at adamdray over a code design he was discussing.

As a quick summary...
  • Last weekend, there were intrusion/hack attempts, and so I started trying to lock down machines I was responsible for.
  • This week, there was a /successful/ break-in against one of the work servers via a PHP buffer overrun, and we had to clean that up and lock down all our machines.
  • Then we discovered that a vulnerability in one of the vBulletin add-ons we use for the company forums had allowed someone to steal the e-mail address fields from our members database... and give them to a spammer or whatever. Andy dealt with that exploit, but Don and I got to handle the PR side of cleanup.
  • And then last night I had the RPM dependency cycle from hell when I was upgrading the last machines.

...so coming to me with '<x> is broken, please fix it' or 'hey, can you help me upgrade <y>' is not generally going to be met with good humor right now. And bringing code designs to me right now is likely to result in them being shredded on the basis of every potential sysadmin-headache flaw.

Really, the first half of the week I only kept my sanity by thinking about the riding lesson I had coming up on Thursday. Luckily, everything seems to be dying down now, so in another day or so the remaining steam should have dissipated and I'll be back to my usual and more helpful self.
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