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[Tech] RPM Hatred

I go to install a security patch for Apache, to upgrade from 2.0.40 to 2.0.52.

And there are no RPMs for my system. So I grab the source RPM... ha! No go.

After quite a while, I manage to get a proper RPM for Apache 2.0.52 built... and then discover I need a new mod_perl. Oh, no mod_perl RPMs, either. So I roll my own, compile it, prepare to install it, and only then discover it requires Carp::Heavy. Of course, Carp::Heavy is part of Perl 5.8.6, so when I try to 'install Carp' under CPAN, it insists on downloading 5.8.6 to upgrade me from 5.8.0... which, I suppose, is fine since there are no RPMs for 5.8.6 that would work on my system /either/...

Some days, I start to think Windows would actually be /less/ painful than administering Linux servers. No way I can sleep now until this upgrade is done, because I can't get the webserver back up until I do. :(

EDIT: All but one server are fully secured. I will tackle securing the last bit of the final one tomorrow. Today. Whatever. SO TIRED. Being a sysadmin is sometimes no fun...
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