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[Riding] Kids, Chester and Evergreen in general

When you're a total newbie fumbling with an unfamiliar set of tack -- Chester, rather than what I had worked with before, had a breastplate -- there's nothing quite so humbling as being watched by an eleven-year-old expert.

Said expert lives three minutes away from the stable, and has been riding for years. She's there pretty much every day just to help in the stables even if she's not got a lesson, and knows nearly everyone associated with the school. Her mother started learning to ride in April, and is the person I share my lesson time with. Amusingly, I felt inordinately pleased when, after watching our lesson, the eleven-year-old told me in a very serious tone, "You did well for your second lesson. Chester didn't let mom ride him for about two months, and she had to keep riding Desi."

Despite the fact that Chester and I seem to have an ongoing disagreement over which of us is actually navigating, his gait is so unforgiving that it really /forces/ you to practice good posture. Desi's gait is so smooth you can get away with a lot more on him. I suspect I'd learn a lot more a lot faster riding Chester regularly than riding Desi, even though Desi and I hit it off pretty well. Desi drooled on me and leaned against me a bunch while I was grooming him, as well as plucking at my jacket-shoulder with his teeth. Chester, however, actually nipped my hand and generally was a brat when I was grooming him prior to riding. He behaved just fine afterwards, though, and was even affectionate; I guess he figured he no longer had to posture to show who was in charge or something.

(I'm sure lfett would be convinced that both actually wanted to eat me.)

I don't know who I'll be on next week. I may be back on Desi, depending, or I may end up riding Chester again. I /know/ that I'm not ready for Derby or Colby, even though Colby and I got along very well, and I haven't met any of the others.

Very, very sore. More sore than last week, honestly. But still very much looking forward to my next lesson. :)
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