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It's Robot Battlin' time!

So, since the office is mostly empty, my co-worker Cameron and I took our lunch breaks to joke around. I came up with the idea of using our microchip (which can adapt) in a Battlebot entry; Cameron and I had a number of ideas on what to use it for, but the best was that the 'bot would use the chip to scan the RF signals of the other 'bot and then adapt itself into a jammer/blocking device to immobilize the opposing 'bot. (We also considered hydrochloric acid as a weapon.) Alas, the RF jamming is against BB rules, it would appear... but the idea still struck us as funny, so we shared it around the office. Everyone seemed to love it...

ADDENDUM: I got interrupted by a call from Aggie, our marketing guru, who wanted to speak to me ASAP. One brief impromptu meeting later, I am now on the Product Launch and Publicity team. *boggle* Aggie loved the idea. Even if we don't do that specific idea (a BB entry), she thinks we need more ideas like that which can stir up interest in the chip and are more interesting than charts and graphs.

Mental note: do not share insane lunch-break ideas with Aggie in the future, lest I be eaten by marketing.
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