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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Meme] Holiday Gesture

I'm not doing the gift-meme, at least not right now. But I'm putting out my own meme, one which would be great if people did all the time, but which seems particularly appropriate during the holidays.

This isn't quite the normal meme; it's one which you need to do off of Livejournal, in the big wide world outside.

This season, over the next month and a half or so, is one where people tend to gather with their families. For Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter break, whatever... it's a season where people are often out doing grocery shopping for family dinners and whatnot. And often during these times, you'll come across those less fortunate waiting outside the grocery stores.

When you pass someone less fortunate, stop and ask if there's some one thing you can get and bring back for them. Generally, they will ask for something small -- a bottled water, a sandwich from the deli, a little cup of yogurt, a cup of coffee to warm themselves, something like that. The meme author has never yet had someone ask her for something more than $5 when doing this. Usually it's more like $2, maybe $2.50.

It takes so little time if you're already on your way in to get something anyway, and so little money... and yet you can see how much it means to them when you step back out of the store and hand them what they asked for.


If I give them directions (or even offer them a ride) to an agency of the Food Bank I work at that offers food boxes, does that count?

And wouldn't that mean more to them - a whole week's worth of food, instead of one thing?
Sure. The point of this one, though, is that people often don't do things like that because they're in such a hurry.

Asking 'can I pick up something for you' when you're already on your way into the supermarket costs you no real extra time and very little extra money. :)
Not to mention that a lot of homeless people can't haul around a big box of food, or they don't have a place to store or cook it. A sandwich or a coffee is something you can do right there, that helps them out right there, and doesn't cost a lot or even sound patronizing to them. :) It's a nice thing to do for someone.