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[General] Home again, home again...

After late-breakfast, FJ and I drove by the farm we'd seen up for sale. It was quite nice, and not as far into the boonies of Chilliwack as we'd thought. Hrm. Food for thought! Came back, got a few last things done, and then I drove home.

Partway back, though, I started to feel queasy. When I got home, I found out FJ and Andrea are also feeling queasy/dizzy/yick. We've decided the evil people sitting next to us at Les Mis must have brought germs along with them or something. (They earned the 'evil' title by showing up ~20 minutes after the musical started, forcing us to get up out of our seats and shuffle around in the pitch black out into the aisle to let them get past, missing a chunk of the whole factory/Fantine/etc. sequence.)

Still, despite bringing back some kind of stomach flu, it was a great weekend. Home now. Going to get crackers or something to settle my stomach, and relax in a comfy chair.
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