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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Random] Disbelief

Only a few people on my friends list will get this, but...

Duane still hasn't been to the Science Fiction Museum itself. He confirmed this today; evidently he still really means to, and wants to, but just never finds the time or opportunity. He /has/ apparently made it into the gift shop, however, while setting up for one of the various author events.

I start to think an intervention may be necessary; Duane not having been seems somehow to violate several natural laws and at least one aspect of reality.



Whoa. Seriously? That's bizarre!

Is there any chance...

...that the importance of this revelation could be made clear so I can expand my education, Sparks? :-)

Re: Is there any chance...

The local university has a bookstore, which has an extremely good section of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. The person in charge of the SF/Fantasy section is Duane.

Duane is sort of a force of nature. He knows many publishers, he's on a first-name basis with a frightening number of authors, he's read a phenomenal amount and is more than willing to offer recommendations or discuss authors, and he even carries imported books which are nearly impossible to get at other bookstores. He's well-respected in the fan community and by professionals. He's a veritable resource of SF/Fantasy facts and trivia (though moreso with books than with TV/movies sort of stuff). He also organizes many local author events. Book-signings, readings, stuff like that.

We have a local museum, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, which is rather cool; it has memorabilia from many SF shows, props, also many old first-edition books, studies of the various people who have influenced SF in one way or another, etc. Duane has cooperated with the SF Museum to organize author readings there, before.

During one reading, where he brought in Vonda McIntyre and Megan Lindholm (who also writes under the pen name 'Robin Hobb'), the SF Museum guy asked of the small group assembled 'how many of you haven't been through the museum yet?' Only Duane raised his hand, prompting both authors (and much of the audience) to chorus in dismay, "DUANE?! What?"

He said he wanted to go through and would soon, but hadn't had time yet. That was a couple of months ago. Hence my disbelief when he told me today that he /still/ hasn't been, and the thought that perhaps there needs to be an intervention.