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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] Let No One Forget

I've heard lots of people lately (most of them having voted Bush) who say 'just let it go' or 'just stop talking politics.' No. I may be tired and emotionally exhausted, but we have an obligation not to stop talking politics. Keep speaking out over the next four years; it's the only way to make a change.

If you feel concerned about how the Bush administration wants to control a woman's body, keep speaking out. Tell people you don't think a man who believes that PMS should be treated through prayer and that birth control pills are immoral should be on the FDA's reproductive health advisory committee. And if these decisions end up impacting those you know, remind them that it's the doing of the Bush administration, and the current power-base of the Republican party.

If you feel concerned about the rising national debt and the number of jobs lost, keep speaking out. Show people how the offshore outsourcing of jobs only ends up hurting the American people in the long run, as it drives up unemployment. If you know someone who loses their job due to layoffs as jobs are exported overseas, remind them that it's the doing of the Bush administration, and the current power-base of the Republican party.

If you feel concerned about the fact that George Bush justifies his decisions to advisors as 'his instincts' or 'his gut,' or God speaking to him and denies accountability, keep speaking out. Remind people about how the administration tried to dodge the 9/11 investigative commission, tried to cover up their having ignored warnings about the terrorist attack, and generally lied and misdirected all attempts to uncover what had actually happened in our government. Remind people that the conservatives wanted to court-martial Clinton on the grounds that he lied and covered up an affair with an intern, yet Bush lying and covering up carelessness which led to many American deaths is evidently alright.

If you feel concerned about the fact that the Bush administration plans to open the Arctic preserve for oil drilling, keep speaking out. Remind people of environmental studies. If we see additional ecological disasters from this, remind them that it's the doing of the Bush administration, and the current power-base of the Republican party.... and that it can't be easily undone, and our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be the ones paying the price.

If you feel concerned about the privatization of social security, keep speaking out. If you know anyone who retires after Bush puts those plans into effect, and finds themselves lacking in money, discovering that all those payments they may over their working lifetime now no longer come back to them, remind them that it was the doing of the Bush administration, and the current power-base of the Republican party.

Don't hate those who voted for Bush; they had their reasons, though we may not agree with them. But don't cut them any slack, either; never let them forget that they're the ones who voted to allow those things.

If anyone in their family loses their job, never let them forget they voted to continue the administration which has shipped jobs overseas.

If they see how the once-dominant American dollar is falling rapidly in international markets (we're down to nearly 100 yen to the dollar, and the Canadian and American dollar are rapidly approaching equality; it used to be CDN$0.70 to US$1, and now it's up to about CDN$0.84 to US$1) and wonder why the cost of products in stores here is going up, remind them that this is a result of the Bush administration's disastrous financial policies.

No hatred, no venom, no vitriol... but no letting anyone forget what they voted for, either.


That's a starting point. That's who to vote against. I want to give them people to vote for. Not for president, yet.... but for Congress, for state and local bodies. People who belive in freedom, regardless of party affiliation.

I'm not saying you have to join. Doing anything is better than doing nothing, and I thank you for raising your voice the way you do. Very peaceful. It is a goodness. But if you want to do more, I'm gathering people and ideas. I don't claim to be the brains, just a facilitator. But we (larger "we") have to do something.
I think, in this case, it's a form of voter education. Show them that problems we have in this nation -- that many of those which have begun to arise over the past four years -- are the result of the Bush administration. Show people that their votes /do/ have repercussions which can come back to haunt their own families.

I've heard from a friend that her parents and a few other relatives who voted Bush are /now/ reading articles or something and experiencing buyer's remorse, going 'Oh, well, if I'd known THAT, I might have voted differently.' I figure this is a program of reminder that voters should be informed on the issues. Some folks were, and still chose to vote for Bush for whatever reason, such as the moral issues (gay marriage, abortion, birth control) being their most important issues. I may disagree, but I can respect that. But people who blindly voted (for either candidate, but Bush is the one who won and thus the focus of this) rather than getting informed, they're the ones this is targeted at. The people who go, "Well, if I'd known THAT..."
Jeanne honey, just remember that about half the population is reading off the issues you just listed and nodding their heads going. Hm. Yeah. Good guy that Bush.
People want us to be in debt?
Bah! You get the point!;)