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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Work] Trillian 3

Yeah, usually I try to keep work-stuff out of my personal blog, save for posting notes about available updates or patches, or status on connectivity problems. But this one's been in progress for a while, so...

...a Trillian 3 sneak preview is up on our website. (It also provides a preview of what our new website design will probably look like.) This is what's eaten me lately.

The alpha test version can be downloaded from the member page for Pro members, as well. However, keep in mind it's an /alpha release/, and therefore there are still bugs. (It's stable enough that we and our core tester group all use it for our day-to-day IM, obviously, but there are still a few wrinkles to work out.) There are already a few reviews of the alpha floating around out there, no less. The Free version (Trillian Basic) should be out at the same time the new Pro one is finalized; it's been in beta-testing with a few folks for a while.


Looks nice! Might have to take a peek at the alpha when I have more time.

I do, however, find it amusing that in the Instant Lookup screenshot, vampires is underlined as interesting, but aliens is not :)
We get our 'interesting words' data from wikipedia's exported keywords. I'm not really sure why they export vampires and not aliens... maybe that screenshot was on an old wikipedia database.

What's really fun is things like 'Hehe' which get underlined with an entry for a tribe of Bantu called the 'Hehe' in Tanzania. :)
Oh, that is just so awesome. :) I'm really looking forward to it.