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[General] My So-Called Life

Well, I backed up pixel with a nice backup tool I had been using to back stuff up for a while, but had never tried restoring from. I then went and tried to upgrade my OS using my ADC Seed of Tiger. Tiger ate pixel alive. (Granted, my own fault; didn't read the install notes as carefully as I should have.) When I attempted to restore it, I discovered that the backup tool's restore function was partly broken.

Luckily, I managed to piece together the whole system again by hand, and now I've got pix back up with the same old configuration as before. Had me mostly offline for a few days, though. Haven't gotten much writing done lately, though, since my life has been work and trying to repair my poor laptop.

Tonight we had a bit of oddity, though. Some time ago, my dad and I had discussed going to Wild Ginger while Fey is here, and I told him to pick what day was good. Dad had apparently talked to mom, and she wanted to go too, so he'd decided Friday would be good since it was the one day which worked well for both of them. (This, please note, was back on Monday.) Every morning, mom would ask him if he'd talked to me yet about dinner, he'd say no, and that he'd call me while at work. Then he'd forget.

So tonight, I get an IM from my mom around 5:15 right as I'm about to run out on errands, asking me what the plans for the evening are. "What plans?" ask I, oblivious to the drama about to ensue.

"The dinner plans," my mother replies, as if I should know what these are. "Didn't your father call you?"

Puzzled, I sit back down for a moment. "No. I know nothing of dinner plans, nor of calls from dad. I need to go do errands, call me."

So, on my cellular phone, mom and I piece together that a) dad was supposed to call me about dinner, b) dad had expected /I/ would make reservations at the Wild Ginger, c) dad had not called me and d) thus there were no reservations. Mom thought dad was on his way home... but then dad called from work to ask where he should meet us for dinner. A bit more shuffling later, dad realized dinner plans had sort of failed to connect up. No hope of getting a reservation at Wild Ginger, so we ended up going to McCormick's. I had lobster for the first time in my life. (Probably the last, too. It was good, but a lot of work to eat, and as a general rule I prefer not to eat anything that still has eye-stalks.)

Anyway, home now. And that's been my past few days.
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