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My life in a box...

The downside of moving is that you feel a little like you're living out of a box for a while. ("Ack, where are some clean socks? Argh... which bag of clothes were those in." "Jen? Do you know where the plates are?") Your life feels a little unsettled and upheaved. On the plus side, we now have the television room partially set up, with the cable turned on, the television and stereo hooked up, and the TiVo plugged in. That makes life a little easier, we can retreat to that room and watch television when unpacking and all seems overwhelming. And at some point today, phone should go in so I will have net from home again even if it is only dialup. (Bleh!)

After my first night in the new house, I can say a few things.

  • Linoleum floors are very cold at 7:00am on winter mornings. (Corrolary: I am glad my real room is on the floor which is all carpeting.)

  • Porch lights are very good if you leave before sunrise.

  • Dogs in yards get very friendly around 7:00am; presumably they've been bored all night.

  • I like having a house! Though it's hard to enjoy an early-morning breath of fresh air on the deck when the air freezes in your lungs!

The house is up a bit north of Northgate, just far enough north to be on roads with no paved sidewalks and where traffic is rare. However, it's only a short bike ride or walk to Northgate mall, and the freeway is right there, so it's not inconvenient. It is funny the sort of things people keep in yards up there, though... I heard a rooster crowing while I walked to the bus stop this morning. (Which both says something about my new neighborhood AND about how early I was up!)

Of course, the house needs a little work. Some of the lights appear to be dead (blown fuse, probably, since changing the bulbs had no effect), and the garage door has to be manually opened (time to call Sears and get a garage door opener!) and the back yard could really use a bit of cleanup... but it is a house. Which is a wonderful change from an apartment!

But yikes, I am tired. And I am going to try to leave work early today to get stuff done, final moving (last four or five boxes, any little power cords and stuff we left behind, etc.) and more unpacking, and so on. Since we have a friend showing up from out of town on Friday evening, and then on Sunday evening we drive up to Vancouver to meet with the crew there for New Year's. And then in mid-January, our third roommate, Brent arrives.

Whew! Busy week...!
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