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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] More local

Hallelujah, no Nethercutt! Scary man.

Meanwhile, I take a break from election coverage for an hour to watch Gilmore Girls instead. Luke meeting the parents... this ought to be a good episode. :)


I watched GG for the first time tonight and was -highly- amused. Very much liked it. That club was awesome too. I wonder if one like that actually exists.

Much fun watching it.
My mom watches this from an east coast feed. I got distracted by it and watched as well. It was hystrical.
I was like 'Aww, poor Luke!' all episode. That, and 'I want Rory's dress! And maybe Logan too!' :p
I'm kind of half-hoping for a Rory/Logan relationship. Because I think Dean is really bad for her in a lot of ways.
I'm very recently hooked, so I don't know much about the Rory/Dean thing. But Dean = married (formerly?) = bad all around. So yeah. And Logan's cute! Watch me gush and react like I'm 15! :p
Short form?

Rory and Dean were dating for some time during her being in school. Dean's the straight-laced guy. But then in came Jess (Luke's nephew) who was a bad boy, skipped school, wore studded leather jacket, etc. Lorelai and Luke both tried to keep Jess and Rory apart, but Jess fell for her and wooed and won Rory, stealing her away from Dean.

Dean, heartbroken, found another girlfriend and then got married. Jess, however, fucked up his life and ran off, leaving Rory behind. (Now, this said, Jess and Rory had better chemistry, even if it tended to be explosive chemistry which left Rory hurting.) Later, Dean and Rory began being civil again... but Jess showed up once more, tried to lure Rory to come run away with him -- leave college, just travel the country and all -- and Dean stopped him. That changed Rory and Dean's relationship again, she ended up losing her virginity to him. Dean's wife found out, threw him out, they're getting divorced, now he's back with Rory.

Big mess. :)
Also - tell Fey hi. ;)
Total GG nut here. I'm hoping for the first season box this Christmas *crosses fingers* I must say that tonight was one of the better episodes since the Rory/Dean relationship started again... oh and Poor Luke.
It was a good one, yep. And yes... poor, poor Luke!