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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] Amusing Note

I'm sure everyone's sick of the 'get out and vote' posts, and I've already gone and voted.

Rather than any of that, or the typical presidential hoo-ha, I bring you an amusing tale of the Lt. Governor candidate I voted for here in Washington; Jocelyn Langlois, the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor.

Here in Washington state, the position of Lt. Governor is a salaried one which costs taxpayers $400k a year. The Lt. Governor's duties are simply to substitute for the governor if they're ill/incapacitated, take over if the governor dies, and to preside over the state senate. Our state constitution also provides for abolishing the position at taxpayer choice and appointing someone else to head up the state senate.

Langlois' campaign is based around the idea that the position of Lt. Governor either needs to be made into something more, or abolished, and she leans towards 'abolished.' So, in effect, her entire platform is 'if elected Lt. Governor, I will abolish the position of Lt. Governor.' The local papers sometimes call her 'the candidate who wants to put herself out of a job.' :)


Ruth Bennett ran on the same platform some years ago. I voted for her then, and I voted for Langlois now.

Maybe we should get Tim Eyman to lobby for eliminating the post as one of his tax initiatives?
Hate. Eyman. So much.
See "Vice President of the United States." See also "President of the Senate." See also "President of the United States, succession to."

Should we abolish that office too? ;)
Honestly, I kind of think the founding fathers had it right in the old days; each party ran two candidates, and whatever candidate got the most votes was president, and whatever candidate got the second-most votes REGARDLESS OF PARTY was the vice-president. Though I suppose the idea of Bush with Gore as a vice-president, or Kerry with Bush as VP, are both kind of scary.

Randomness like that aside, however, the position of vice-president is not as useless as the Washington state lt. governor position. The vice-president does actually have other responsibilities such as running NASA, and handling spillover politics which the president doesn't always have time for. I am pretty certain that nearly every American can name the vice-president at any given time.

In contrast, many Washingtonians cannot name our Lt. Governor because our Lt. Governor /never does anything/ and thus is never really in the news. It's become a laughingstock position, where those who hold it use the salary to go play tennis and travel the world rather than doing any actual work of any sort.