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[General] Weekend

So, back on Saturday, Fey and I picked up our friend Rowan from the Amtrak station in the late afternoon. We hit Bento Sushi for dinner (mmm), and then we went to Third Place Books (Ravenna) and had dessert at Honey Bear Bakery there, while we listened to Corbin Keep (the Wild Cellist) perform. He was... quite a showman, let's say. I can't think of any other way to describe him, but he managed to get an AMAZING array of sounds out of a single cello, and his song 'Country's Dumb' was hysterically funny. (He has a small excerpt from it on his website; it cuts off just after the instrumental bridge where he manages to make a cello sound like a fiddle and play it as such, which is amazing to see and hear in person.)

While the Wild Cellist was performing Nirvana songs on cello (no, I'm really not kidding) we headed out and went to Shari's for drinks and to talk, because Fey was having trouble hearing over the Cellist. While Fey and Rowan discussed a game they're both on, I got a bit of writing done on The Last Page. We went back and hung out for a little while and then went to get some sleep.

Saturday, we went to Scarlet Tree for breakfast -- mmm, omelette -- but missed out on their new pumpkin latté since they'd just run out. We ran late and so Rowan missed her train, but tried to transfer to a later one. We decided to take a bit of a break since it would be another three and a half hours or so; we stopped by Uwajimaya to look around and pick up snacky stuff (Blueberry crack... er, gum! And pineapple too, this time! And even litchee gum!) and then I decided to drag Fey and Rowan to the Science Fiction Museum, which both seemed to enjoy. We headed back to the train station with an hour to spare, only to discover that the train station was now blocked off due to Seahawks game traffic. We circled the area -- slowly -- while I grew increasingly frustrated and uncharacteristically irate. We finally let Rowan out a short distance from the station and tried to work out way back out.

Alas, the train was full (of folks returning to Portland from the Seahawks game), so we ended up swinging back to get Rowan again and heading back to my place once more. We ordered dinner from Romio's and watched TV and then vegged out. This morning, Rowan took a taxi back to the train station and headed home to Portland with no further trouble.

I worked away on work-code stuff, but had a nice moment when Enchantment, the new Uffington Horse album, arrived in the mail. (For those who don't know Uffington Horse, it's the band which was started a while ago by local folk musician Heather Alexander.) After work, Fey and I went to Peet's Coffee, chatted with the folks there, got some writing done, and came home. Whee!
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