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[General] Seafood Foodgasm

It's the culinary tour of Seattle!

shadowfey and I went out with my dad tonight, who treated us to dinner at Elliot's Oyster House. Elliot's, for those who don't know, is one of the most expensive seafood restaurants in Seattle. I'd never been there before (neither had dad).

Oh my GOD. The crab-and-mushroom ravioli I had, with string beans and cream sauce... I think it was quite possibly the best ravioli I've ever had. (And while I'm fairly easygoing about food, I do not give rave reviews easily; my dad has learned this, and after tasting a bit of the ravioli, agreed with the assessment.)

I could not eat another bite -- I feel like a little ravioli pillow myself right now -- but oh my word, if I ever become filthy rich, I will /so/ be taking friends there more often. At any rate, in return for dad treating us to Elliot's, I'm going to treat him and Fey both to a dinner at the quintessentially Seattle (and rather cheaper, but still excellent) Wild Ginger next week. :)

Fey also got to go to Longshoreman's Daughter (think a diner with fresh, healthy ingredients, which has been there for decades); it's very much like Fremont itself (strange, lots of personality, but actually quite good despite the oddity), and is where mom and I go for lunch together. Fey has now tasted the glory of the spinach, blue cheese, apple and walnut salad they serve there.

Fey also got to go to Peet's (the coffeeshop where I hang out to write). Peet's coffee and chai lattés are actually not as good as some other places, but I love the atmosphere; she saw how the folks there ask how the book's going, will hang out and chat when they're not busy, and generally it has a really friendly and welcoming aura to it. I put up with the sub-par latte for the above-par atmosphere. :)
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