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[Politics] Secret Service and LJ Posts

Interesting post here. Summary is that the Secret Service showed up on someone's door over an LJ post they made.

Edit, since folks have in some way misunderstood my gripe about this: I'm going to clarify here. I do understand that the Secret Service is required to investigate any reports of a death-threat against the president. (And also against his opponent, during an election... though as stephdray says, I'd be interested to see how vigorously that was enforced.)

From what I understand, the original post basically expressed the opinion that Bush used military force to remove heads-of-state that he didn't agree with, and then posed the rhetorical question that if might-makes-right, where are the assassins when the American people need them. Yeah, it was a vitriolic statement, but it hardly seems the sort of thing that needed Secret Service agents to show up on the doorstep of the individual in question.

If they had to go to the effort of getting this person's information from LJ and their ISP, you'd think they'd have had time to read the thread and go 'eh, it's just another college liberal wanking in their blog. Not worth our time.'

And no, the Bush administration is not alone in this. The liberal side is equally quick to point fingers and claim conspiracy, even if they don't have the ability to sic Homeland Security on... well, Homeland Security! I admit my use of the rather sensationalistic politipost meme as an example is, itself, a mild instance of this.

And what I blame the Bush administration for is not investigating the claim, but the air of distrust and paranoia that's led to a situation in which such a claim is made. Instead of a country founded on personal freedoms, we have a country now where people can point fingers and report those they don't agree with, either to the government (i.e. visits from Secret Service agents, Homeland Security agents, FBI files which leave a black mark on future background checks and suchnot) /or/ to the court of public liberal opinion (letter-writing campaigns, general displeasure, hundreds of indignant e-mails and posts being sent around, etc.), and these claims are treated with undue weight.

You're entitled to disagree with me, of course, and feel there is no increased air of distrust, paranoia, suspicion or trigger-happy reactions; that's your right, to disagree. I promise not to report you to anyone for it. ;)

Edit 2: Okay, I've been convinced that even given that, they still needed to show up. Fair enough, in this case. I think other stuff, like the photographer who was reported to Homeland Security just for being brown, did not need to drag on nearly so long, and I think the fact that anyone reported the original LJ post /at all/ is still a sign of a rising paranoia. So I stand by my statement, and I still feel unhappy with the growing distrust and division in the American public.

Edit 3: WTF? Okay, well, evidently this particular post was a bad damned example if I wanted a soapbox to vent about the growing distrust and paranoia. The rumor now circulating is that it was someone reporting a political post vindictively not out of paranoia or some sense of 'duty' fostered by an increasingly fearful atmosphere... but because they were jealous that the poster's Harry Potter fanfics got better reviews than their own, or something. Gah. Some days, I wonder about people...

Edit 4: The original post can be found here in Google's cache, just look for 'a prayer for dubya' to find the entry. Now I drop the topic.
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