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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Meme] Broadway Composer

Via gwyndyn, I /had/ to do this meme. Being, y'know, into musicals and all. At any rate, some of the answers you could pick were absolutely hysterical. :)

Stephen Sondheim
You, my friend, are Stephen Sondheim. You're our
new classic, the sort of composer who divides
theater fans straight down the middle with
complex plots and smart, wordy lyrics. Love you
or hate you, everyone acknowledges your talent
and you've written your share of modern
standards. (Some of) Your shows: "Sweeney
Todd," "Company," "Into the
Woods," "Sunday in the Park With

What Broadway Composer (or Composer-Lyricist team) are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


I get Sondheim too. Good thing I'm a Sondheim fan.

Of course, now I'm going to have Hello Little Girl in my head... and the Bang! comment in that quiz reminds me of my friends who were in Assassins in college. I saw it, I just don't remember anything except how they called it 'Athathins! Bang!' (among other things) because they were the only two straight men in the entire show.