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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] 70's X-Men

After a friend considered starting a tabletop campaign based around an alternate version of the X-Men set in the 70's, I had to make this comment.

70's X-Men? You could combine both old SF films, and superhero cliche. A scientist combines his DNA with a household insect in a teleporter accident gone horribly wrong, and gives himself powers beyond the ken of normal man. Slowly becoming more and more insectoid as time goes on and his death draws nearer, he nonetheless can leap tall buildings in a single bound, utilize more strength than a speeding locomotive, and move faster than a speeding bullet. So he makes the most of his remaining time to use these powers for the greater good, taking on the new identity of... *drumroll please* ... Super-Fly!


Oh geezus... ;) *dohs*
-groans- That was hoooooorrible.


.... for a white guy?
70's X-Men?

Hasn't he ever read any of the older comics?
It's a joke, David. Just picture Cyclops with a fro, bell-bottoms and bling-bling, and run with it. ;P
It wasn't 'bling' back then. It was just gold. :)
You two? Not allowed to comment on my jokes anymore. :)