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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] World on Fire

Via amurderofcrows, this is the site for the latest video that Sarah McLachlan has made. Aside from the song being quite good, the video itself is food for thought; if you have broadband, I suggest watching it.


That's rather moving, isn't it?
It is. Also definitely food for thought, when you consider how far the money spent so casually here in the States can go in third-world countries. If that can be done with $150,000, imagine what could be done with even one million out of the multiple billions spent on the Iraq conflict and Homeland Security...
It is a beautiful video. Very touching, reminds me why I give to missions so much. I should find my friends site and drum up some support for her, hrmmmm...
Wow, that was rather touching. I actually find it sort of creepy realizing just how huge of a difference we're talking between economies here. Thank you muchly for that link!