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[Geek] Random Jabber chat moment.

[20:20] <tapo> "can anyone explain to me how linux works?" gah. I hate missing noobs. noob questions are one of the few things I'm good at.
[20:22] <sparks> "Well, first, there's the mommy kernel and the daddy CPU.  And they get together and something magic happens, called 'runtime userland,' and..."
[20:23] <tapo> heh
[20:26] <tapo> 'Runtime Userland' sounds like a magical theme park or something
[20:30] <sparks> "Wark wark!  I'm Tux the Penguin, and I'm here to welcome you to Runtime Userland!"
[20:31] <tapo> Haha
[20:31] <sparks> "If you're feeling brave, you can try our most thrilling roller-coaster, the Kernel Panic!  For the kids, we have a whole arcade set aside, marked on the map as /usr/local/games!"
[20:32] <sparks> "And don't worry; after a long day, we understand you'll be tired.  For your convenience, we've NFS-mounted a hotel right here in the theme park!"
[20:33] <tapo> "Or cool down on our fun new system log flume!"
[20:33] <sparks> *laugh*  "/var/log/ride" :)
[20:33] <tapo> "Get your picture over at the kernel snapshots booth, with me or the scary BSD Daemon!"
[20:33] <tapo> haha
[20:33] <sparks> Hahahah!
[20:34] <sparks> ...we need help, don't we.
[20:34] <tapo> Indeed we do sparks, indeed we do.
[20:35] <tapo> Oh man, I'm gonna be coming up with stupid Linux theme park rides for the rest of the night.
[20:35] <treed> You seem to have that insanity thing covered. I don't think you need help at all.
[20:37] <sparks> My work here is done! :D
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