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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] Farscape thoughts...

Oh, my. So good, but so bittersweet.

"You're my closest friend." "You... could have done better... John."

"They killed him. Those frellers... killed... my D'Argo..." "He wanted you to live, Chiana; don't disappoint him."

Rigel had surprising dignity when he thought they were all going to die, and when he saw Chiana's grief. So many moments of triumph and victory mixed with tragedy. I'm still sniffling... they killed D'Argo. I expected some deaths, but not his.



I agree.
You know, I really don't know why I clicked on this link. However. When you started wailing on the channel last night, I thought, "They killed D'argo."

Which from a story perspective makes sense. You need that deep grief of losing a great character, but you really don't want to kill John or Aeryn. (Especially since they've both already died at one time or another!) Chiana just wouldn't inspire the same sort of grief, and neither would Rygel. Not to mention the fact that D'argo's driving arc, to find his son, had finished. He found him. The kid's a little shit, but he's safe enough.

So. Sorry he died, but I can understand why. :)
I dunno why you clicked on the link, either. And yes, from a story/writing standpoint, I can understand it. But dammit, D'Argo was one of my favorite characters!

As for his son, not saying anything more, but he redeemed himself in my opinion during Peacekeeper Wars.