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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Random] Webcomic Lineup

I've had friends ask me before about the webcomics I read; at least one in particular has been getting recommendations from me lately for various comics to read while they're stuck with nothing to do. I've tossed a few various recommendations other peoples' ways before, so I finally thought I'd just put together a list of some of them.

Non-Serial or Semi-Serial (strip form) comics I read Serial Comics I read Regularly
  • Terinu - good serial SF.
  • 9th Elsewhere - a girl and her muse. Another serial.
  • Angels 2200 - more serial SF!
  • Angel Moxie - well-written, and amusing, monochrome magical girls series.
  • Grand Blue Door - orphan + hotel for supernatural entities = good reading!
  • Reman Mythology - a girl tries to make her way in an alien society. Beautifully done, and very enjoyable.
Serial Pay Comics I Love (i.e. subscription-based sites) Serial Comics I Read Sporadically
  • Kagerou - when a psychic suffering multiple personality disorder falls into another world as the champion for forces of good... well, just read it.
  • Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - Magical girls gone horribly wrong.
  • Directions of Destiny - Reminds me of Utena, only with even more cryptic conspiracies going on.
  • Demonology 101 - a young demon girl tries to attend high school, but finds her friends get dragged into the ongoing war between good and evil.
  • Cascadia - very well-drawn fantasy comic.
  • It's Walky - It started as a college life comic called 'Roomies,' and has evolved into something with alien invasions and a secret paramilitary organization. Words fail.


Have you ever read The Order of the Stick?
Oooh. I already read quite a few of those (I'm a big fan of online comics), but I'll have to check out a few of those unfamiliar names.

Also, I believe Demonology 101 has finally been completed!

A couple comics I'd recommend:
First off, seconding the recommendation for both 9th Elsewhere and Angels 2200, both of which I'm a big fan of. (Especially the current Angels 2200 plotline)

Shlock mercenary is one of my favourite strip-form comic. The sci-fi misadventures of a band of mercenaries. The author is very punctual about updates, and has done a great job of keeping the setting fairly hard sci-fi (he also does some very amusing footnotes explaining some things)

If you like Something Positive, you should definently check out a Queen of Wands. They've done a few crossovers with S*P, so you're probably already familiar with them, though.

I'd also suggest Oracle for Hire and Sea of Insanity as two nice fantasy comics. Unfortunately, while Sea of Insanity has a great plotline, it updates *very* sporadically (the last one being August 24th...)

Can you tell I'm a big fan of online comics?
Actually, I already read Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire; there's lots of other ones I read periodically which I didn't put in the list. :)
Sluggy. Didn't get it. Or at least it couldn't hold my interest.

Of the rest, I only recognize two. And I haven't read either of them for months. Just too busy.

At least O&M is in print. That at least makes it possible for me to get caught up.

(But I'll second the Queen of Wands recommendation.)
I tend to have categories of comics.

Some (Terinu, Angels 2200, 9th Elsewhere, Ozy and MIllie) stick to an update schedule regularly and I read them when they come out. Others (Angel Moxie, GBD, Reman Mythology, etc.) I tend to go read whatever came out that week on the weekend. Most others, I just go every month or two when I've got nothing better to do and catch up on them.