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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Hanging out

So, haloedone was in town for a conference, and hauled me out away from code for a while. It was great to have a chance to see her, though traffic was almost comically bad.

First, I couldn't reach her hotel because it's in the middle of a twisty maze of one-way streets, and my brilliant shortcut proved to be blocked by road construction. When we decided to seek snack elsewhere than downtown, we wandered up towards the U District... only to find the traffic there was equally bad. While I started to whimper and make despairing comments which Theo evidently found immensely entertaining, we crawled along through traffic slowly. Then I remembered that Theo also knew amezuki, so we called Catsy up and ended up deciding to go out for sushi with Catsy, Jess and Logan.

During sushi, Theo and Jess decided that I needed to drive to Krispy Kreme afterwards. (Though Theo, being an evil enabler, did not want donuts for herself!) Theo decided the best way to drive me insane was to teach Logan to growl in a menacing voice, 'Krispy Kreeeeeme!' Which I was then subjected to through dinner, and the car ride, and all the way until we reached Krispy Kreme. No fair turning my own tactic of corrupting the tadlet against me! ;P

Theo evidently made quite an impression, though. Logan has not remembered names well in the past (I was 'mommy' for the first few months I knew him, as well as 'teacher' and 'Michelle' and a few other things), but he picked Theo's up right away; when she lagged behind as we left the restaurant he started asking 'Where Theo? Where Theo go?'

Though Theo has now seen the corruption I have wrought on Logan. He has learned that plushie-Joyce (of It's Walky) is supposed to say 'HUGGLES!' When in the park once, I taught him that when he has a stick in hand, he should raise it up and proclaim 'You shall not...PASS!' as he slams it down end-first a'la Gandalf. Things like that. Children's minds are fun to mold, like play-doh! ;)

Anyway, back to work code and stuff. Since I still have a box of Krispy Kreme downstairs (*glares at haloedone*), I might as well go down and get a donut or something too.


Aww.. Cute story! And remember, those donuts, they can go bad if left alone too long. Very bad. They might even seek to corrupt others, so to save your friends, and indeed, all of your fellow humans, you'd best take a second donut, just in case.
I thought the donut appearance seemed a bit random.
Having just consumed donuts (and enabled to do so by the Gary), I feel your pain. Mmm... donuts.
Yay for wireless from the hotel!

*giggle* I miss the tadlet saying 'Where's Theo'... and the 'You. Shall. Not. Pass.' was hilarious. That kid is a trip!

It was good to see you (and Catsy) again (and meet Jess and Logan).

That sushi was gooooood. (I miss sushi)

Kriiiiiispyyyyy Kreeeeeeeeme!
Hey, if you don't mind, I always refer to him as Tadlet, for his own protection.

Can I ask you to do the same? I know I'm paranoid, but there it is. I'm paranoid.

She is teh evil.

She is the evilingest.