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[Politics] Badnarik Arrested...

Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik was arrested along with Green party candidate David Cobb for attempting to enter the presidential debates. The Bush campaign also had several students arrested who were trying to cross the police line at Arizona University in order to get back to their dorms.

Okay. Yeah, this was done on the orders of the Bush campaign, if you follow all the links; i.e., they're the ones who had given orders to the police and whatnot. But Kerry's folks could have earned a lot of esteem in my mind if they'd said 'whoa, wait, if you're arresting students and whatnot, this debate's off until this is cleared up' or, well, said /anything/ about all of this.

I suppose one could make the argument that neither candidate knew, granted... perhaps neither campaign actually really knew until much later. Still, feeling cynical today.
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