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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] Badnarik Arrested...

Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik was arrested along with Green party candidate David Cobb for attempting to enter the presidential debates. The Bush campaign also had several students arrested who were trying to cross the police line at Arizona University in order to get back to their dorms.

Okay. Yeah, this was done on the orders of the Bush campaign, if you follow all the links; i.e., they're the ones who had given orders to the police and whatnot. But Kerry's folks could have earned a lot of esteem in my mind if they'd said 'whoa, wait, if you're arresting students and whatnot, this debate's off until this is cleared up' or, well, said /anything/ about all of this.

I suppose one could make the argument that neither candidate knew, granted... perhaps neither campaign actually really knew until much later. Still, feeling cynical today.


psstt.. spelling error... "Badnarik"
No chai latte in /four days/. *shakes Glenn violently* Brain no function right... Sparks need chai!!

(Spelling error corrected. ;) Thanks for the pointing out.)
Is this deliberate? If you're trying to go off caffeine, you have my sympathy.... I saw Jen go thru it, it wasn't pretty. But she's much better for it.

No. I've kicked caffeine before (and you're right, it's not pretty), but I always end up regretting it when four or five months down the line I get the migraine of death. No, right now, this is just working without much sleep to meet a deadline, and thus not having had time for a Starbucks run in a while. ;)
Ah. If that's your only problem, I could bring you chai.... but surely you could do better than Charbucks. :)
Badnarik and Cobb planned on getting arrested by crossing the police lines at the debate.

And those were Washington University students, from St. Louis. And no, it wasn't the campaign that had them arrested, it was a secured area.

Hmm. Come to think about it, sort of surprised that Nader wasn't there to get arrested too..
Sparks, you know I love you...but I've got to point out a few things here.
1st - last time I checked court papers were served by a court official, not the person bringing the issue to the court. It seems right off the bat that he was aiming for something big to happen.
2nd - It seems My beliefs are justified as apparently later on Badnarik described his actions as civil disobedience.
3rd - Badnarik "Bodily Pushed" his way past police. Sorry, once you touch a police officer all bets are off. No one had to order that arrest. It was standard police protocol. Touch an officer doing there job, and plan to loose a day or two of your life. All there is to it.
I grant you they were likely trying to get arrested.

That doesn't change the fact that, overall, they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN. There should not have been a police line trying to keep out the third-party candidates in the first place. Yeah, he was trying to serve papers, but look at what the topic of the papers was. And the arrest may not have been ordered, but the police line /was/.

The tactic is called Civil Disobedience. It's the same thing Rosa Parks did when she refused to move to the back of the bus. Was it illegal? Yep. She broke the law; she was asking to get arrested. But she helped get the law changed in so doing. (This is not to say this situation is remotely comparable, but that the logic behind disobeying is much the same.)

The only time I can think of that the debates have allowed a third party candidate was with Ross Perot, who was rich enough to buy his way into the debates. That /is/ wrong. And bringing it to the attention of the public was good. I think I phrased the post badly, so let me try to summarize what I meant.

This campaign has had an unusual level of paranoia and security around it. (On Kerry's side less-so, but still higher than normal.) The third-party candidates used this to get arrested and try to increase public awareness of an issue they felt strongly about (namely, public money from Arizona Libertarians being used to fund the presidential debates, while the Libertarian candidate was barred from participating in said debate in what they felt was a violation of several rights). The arrests were justified, even if I am not certain the paranoid levels of security are.

But I'm disappointed that neither of the main candidates went 'gosh, you know, this is silly, why /aren't/ we allowing them into the debates? Badnarik /is/ on the ballot in 48 out of the 50 states.' Kerry could've won points for saying so, Bush could've even earned a measure of respect from me for that.

But neither did.