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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Music] Around the Sun

The new R.E.M. album Around the Sun is out, and I've been pleasantly surprised; I'm three tracks in (Leaving New York, Electron Blue, The Outsiders), and I've actually found all three good. I already liked 'Leaving New York,' but Electron Blue was not one I had really expected to like, nor did I expect to like the one duet ('The Outsiders,' with some band called Q-Tip) on this album, but Electron Blue was pleasant, and 'The Outsiders' is both haunting and very catchy.

And as I wrote this, I moved onto the fourth track, and 'Make It All Ok' is another very haunting, wistful song; it's not quite as striking as 'Leaving New York,' but it's yet another which I certainly won't skip past when it hits my playlist. If all 13 songs on this album are of the quality of the first four, I think this album makes it into my current top 5, along with Guster's Lost and Gone Forever and a few others.

Yay, R.E.M.!


Q-Tip is a guy, not a group. Unless there's a new group that I'm not aware of who stole his name. :)
Eh, whatever. Duet with R.E.M. and some entity named Q-Tip. There, better? ;)