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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Writing] Tonight's Wisdom

A fountain pen with a convertor and a bottle of ink will pay for itself when you are trying to write a novel by hand, unless you feel like going through a LOT of ball-point pens.

It's also nice to know if I break this pen, they'll repair it for me free. (Again.) I Parker fountain pens.


I still have the Waterman I was given for my bar mitzvah. :)
I totally owe FJ for pointing me at fountain pens, and Jen for pointing me at Parker specifically.
You are most welcome, sweetie!
The experience of writing with a fountain pen is incomparable to a ball-point. For one thing, my handwriting is atrocious with a ball-point, but decent with a fountain.
This is probably a bit of an odd question, but I really liked the artistic style of your icon and was wondering if the artist perhaps had a website?
Ahhh, you have a website, and it appears you did the drawing in question. I'm going to go feel like an idiot now, heh. I do quite like it.
Yeah. The style was, however, a deliberate attempt to emulate the Japanese artist Kosuke Fujishima. Look for Ah! My Goddess or You're Under Arrest.

I'm not a great artist, but I do have some moments. I'm a better writer. ;)