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[Writing] Follow-up

For those friends who were curious after the last writing entry, I did go back and rewrite the last half of that chapter; it only worked because I wasn't really deeply into the next chapter, and I was able to throw out the latter half of the flawed chapter and just drop back into writing as if I hadn't had that particular chapter.

Got 1607 words done tonight. Not as much as other nights, but enough to finish that chapter off; now I have the clean hooks I needed for the later chapters, and it all has fallen into place in my head.

That said, if I attempt this again -- going back and rewriting a chapter majorly instead of plugging onwards -- someone smack me. This time, it was important, but I had better not make a habit out of it. ;)

As a random side note, the soup commercial about the guy trying to learn Japanese and mixing up 鳥肉 (toriniku, or 'chicken meat') and タクシー (takushi, or 'taxi') makes me laugh. Yes, you can't really mix the words up since not only do they sound nothing alike, but タクシー is just 'taxi' with a Japanese accent. It still makes me laugh. Especially the look his wife gives him when he proclaims fiercely "...you can really taste the taxi!" or, later, when they're in Japan and he chases the taxi yelling "CHICKEN! CHICKEN!"

It's 2am. I'm easily amused.
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