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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Random] ...

Diet Coke sucks.

Diet Dr. Pepper, however, is actually palatable.

That is all.


I agree. I also find Diet Mountain Dew drinkable.
[/random] ;)
You need Canadian diet vanilla coke.
All diet drinks suck. Diet Dr Pepper is the most palatable of the bunch, though, true. Even if the last time I drank it was when I was a kid and they used saccharin in it.

However, diet drinks suck in general. Of course, I might feel this way because they all give me migraines...

Won't drink or eat anything with artificial sweeteners in it.

God only knows what those chemicals do.
Diet Coke does not suck. Death to the non believers! The streets shall run red with your blood and kind of brownish with your Diet Dr Pepper.

Um...or something.

And yes, I finally downloaded that song. Will listen to it tonight.
Ew. Diet Coke does indeed sucketh mucheth. :p

For some odd reason though, I really don't mind Diet Caffeine Free Diet Coke. o_O That stuff is pretty okay!

As far as other drinks, I'm rather fond of Diet V8 Splash, Berry Blend, and Tropical Blend.
I prefer Fresca when I drink diet soda. I don't know what the sweetner is though.
I don't do soda, but Gary does a hybrid of Diet Coke and regular Dr. Pepper. He likes it. It's just too sweet for my tastes.