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Net.withdrawal impending...!

Well, we got the new house! And most of our furniture is moved over! (Our current apartment has basically piles of books and CDs and stuff waiting to be packed and taken over in last loads, mattresses to sleep on, a phone, a TV, a TiVo, two laptops, and the netlink.)

Downside? No cable at the apartment until Monday (*sigh*), no phone until Thursday (*double sigh*), and no clue when netlink will be back (*AAAACK!*).

So, for anyone who sees me drop off the face of the 'net entirely...that's why. Fear not, I will likely be back within few enough weeks. And by that time, the house will be set up with wireless LAN, so that the laptops can be online anywhere in the house or the yards! Yes, I am a geek.girl...
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