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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Sims] ...

I... found a big download site for Sims 2 stuff. And I proceeded to download 300 megabytes of new clothing, hairstyles, eye colors, etc. Without even realizing how much I had downloaded.

Are there support groups for this?


I don't think there is, but...

Can you share the url? :)

Yeah, urls are good. I haven't dared open some of the designer stuff yet, for fear of the great sucking noise that will accompany all my free time into the game.
Sure there are. Their names are posted on the bulletin board at REI. :)

"They... don't let us out much."
    -- Dr. Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner), "Independence Day"

p.s. yes, but did you get a proper Lucius Malfoy? *eg*

I haven't even gotten the game yet because my current desktop is too old to play it on. I'm jealous!
schmitt and I are sitting here drooling with jealousy, but my desktop can't handle it either. Hoping to upgrade by November, and then we're getting it too, woot. :-)
Need. Site. Need. Sims2. Stuff.


Ah, yes, I knew them from Sims1 :)
Are there support groups for this?

If there are, I need to join them. I haven't gotten huge into the custom stuff, but I have the Sims Family That Ate My BRAAAAAAAAAAAAIN going on.
I can go you one worse; I made a Sims family of the main characters from the fantasy novels my best friend is writing. :)

You made Strawberry Winter Sims?

I did! Sim-Eoin, Sim-Bess, and little Sim-Katie!

Granted, 'Eoin Blackbramble' isn't exactly right, but the Sims don't make it easy to have 'households' which have different names. :)