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FF Sparks (Casual)

Well, I drove up to Canada on Monday to pick up wonderwombat, and then we drove back down. Listened to Aspects of Love on the way down... it's becoming almost a tradition to work through at least one musical per road trip, it seems like!

Today we got to go to a reading at the Science Fiction Museum down in the Blob (Experience Music Project, for those who aren't Seattlite enough to know what the Blob is). The authors reading were Vonda McIntyre, who I'd always heard was a hoot to hear speak (and she really was, had the audience laughing during discussion), and Megan Lindholm (who also writes under the pen name Robin Hobb as well as under her own name).

Some of the advice was very good (Megan Lindholm especially had some useful bits of advice), the anecdotes were amusing, but Vonda McIntyre really sort of stole the show. Both do these sort of readings and discussions often enough that you could see they -- especially Vonda -- were on a first-name basis with many of the people. There were only about twelve of us there, so it was a really nice, cozy little experience. Afterwards, FJ and I went out for Mexican food, and picked up Krispy Kremes. (Yeah, yeah, I know, they're not Tim Horton's...)

Still, in all, a fun evening.

Oh, and kieri, your former co-workers in the supplies department (several of whom were there) and of course the infamous High Lord of the SF/Fantasy Section (you know who I really mean) all send a hello. :)


They were at the sci-fi museum? Wild!

And yes, I do know the infamous High Lord of the SF/Fantasy Section. I'm glad they still remember me, but if you keep going in there they're going to expect a postcard or something. ;)

Woot. Glad you got back safely. I miss you! I miss Fiddy! I miss driving the Beetle! I miss Krispy Kremes!
Never heard it called the Blob when I was there. "Big Metal Booger" comes closest.

And that was sort of my coinage.
I hear it called 'the Blob,' 'that thing,' 'the Thing,' 'the melty building' and various other things, quite frequently. :)
I also favored "Godbooger," because it was so huge and boogerlike. A booger God himself might have pressed from service, if you will.

Twenty bucks to get in didn't exactly endear me to the building, but I would have paid that to see McIntyre. Otherwise, the only other sf-related con-type thing I've ever been to was the one in Seattle that had JMS. I got to ask a snotty question. Wound up meeting Nina Kiriki Hoffman, an author whose work I've followed for nigh on to two decades.