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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Meme] Harry Potter meme

Via darthbek...

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandElm, 11", Unicorn Hair
Best CourseTransfiguration
Worst CourseDefense Against the Dark Arts
PetScottish fold cat
Quidditch JobBeater
Wizard CandyBertie Botts every Flavour Beans (Mmm! Liver!)
Profession After SchoolJoke-shop Owner
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Oh, ruddy hell... I'm a Weasley, aren't I?


Sure looks like it!;)
Better a Weasley than one of those slimy Slytherin... */tease*

(Seriously, this quiz owner best get a new Sorting Hat, it made me out to be a Hufflepuff when you know damn well I'd go straight to Gryffindor every time...)
That's ok, it put me in Hufflepuff, too.

Oh, wait. That's likely where I'd be.
It's the red hair.
It made me a Hufflepuff. Everyone knows I'm a Ravenclaw.