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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Books] Liveship Traders

I just finished Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy. It was very good, and I liked the world and the way it was realized. That said, there were only two characters who I didn't spend part of the time loathing, and those were Wintrow and Reyn.

This is actually good; I find it an example of good storytelling when an author can deliberately and believably take a sympathetic character and make the reader hate them for a while (as opposed to unintentionally doing it), or take an unsympathetic character (*coughcough*Malta*cough*) and eventually win the reader over to them (even if you can tell early on that's what they're going to do).

That said, I still liked Reyn better than most of the other characters. I'm sure this will shock many of my friends. ;)


Re: Robin Hobb

wonderwombat and I are going to hear her speak on Tuesday; she's a local author, and the Science Fiction Museum here is holding a bunch of readings and talks by various authors. Robin Hobb, Vonda McIntyre, David Brin, Greg Bear, etc.

As an interesting side note, all the stuff she wrote as Megan Lindholm (before taking the pen name Robin Hobb) is out of print in the US, but is back in print in the UK. Including Wizard of Pigeons, a fantasy novel set here in Seattle...