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[Family] Movies

(Yes, I am posting a lot lately. This is partly because I ran out of things to read, and partly because I've actually been doing things this weekend.)

So, I went over to my parents' house with the Hillerman movies on DVD which I'd just gotten. I thought they might both want to watch them, but my mother had somewhere to go... so dad and I sat down to watch Coyote Waits. (For the record, it was much better than Skinwalkers; I think the team has really hit their stride and begun to run with it.) Just as we were finishing up, mom got home, and sat down to watch the ending. Now, my mother usually goes to bed at 9:00, 9:30 at the latest. But she said, 'well, I haven't had anything to eat, so why don't we make some food, and I can watch the beginning of Thief of Time with you while I eat.'

So after dinner was made, we sat down to watch the movie. Thief of Time was at least as good as Coyote Waits; when we finished at 11:30, my mother -- the woman who always goes to bed by 9:30pm -- was still there for the ending credits. I consider that a testament to an engrossing film. ;)

My parents both fell in love with the iPod. Though my father wondered how it stored that much music, and you could tell he was imagining a reel-to-reel recorder inside. Then again, this is the man who, the first time he used a DVD last year, tried to chew my mother out for ejecting the DVD 'without remembering to rewind it' because the rental store would be upset! Mother and I don't expect a lot of technical literacy from him.
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