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[Techy] Automotive Audio Experimentation

So, after my proclamation of not buying an iPod, sadly, what happened was that kieri (long-distance from Japan) pointed out all the reasons I would love having an iPod. Then when I got together with Hannah today to hang out, Hannah gave me the single best reason (or so it seemed at the time): You're going to buy one anyway, so why not just get it over with?

I thus now own a 20 gigabyte click-wheel (fourth-generation) iPod. Which, I will note, is not remotely close to filled.

Now, the whole point of getting an iPod (other than 'pretty!!') was to provide me a better way to have music on long car trips than having to burn new mix CDs every trip. To this end, I also picked up the iPod car power adapter, and an iPod wired remote. What I've begun to do is sacrifice one of my Beetle's cupholders (the driver side cupholder is useless anyway) as an iPod dock, with the power cable right there and a little iPod gripper thing.

I'm fashioning a small holder for the remote, and affixing it to the dashboard for easy access, so I can use the next/previous track buttons. I'd love to wire it up to the car stereo's buttons directly, but I can't figure out a way to do it where I won't have to entirely disconnect the CD changer in the trunk which came with the car... and it's nice to have the changer sometimes, too. (Unless if anyone knows of a good, reliable way to split the CD/AUX input and control signal on a VW model Monsoon audio system and install a switch so I could move between iPod and disc changer, that is.)

So this is the next best thing, having the little silver Apple remote within easy tap-distance of the steering wheel, just like the CD changer control buttons are. It seems to work fairly well in the preliminary stages; we gave the setup a trial run today when Hannah, brent2005 and I went to see Hero. (Which, by the way, was actually a very good film, even if it made Hannah and I both sob in a couple of places.)

And I also got two packages, one being the films I was waiting for (the PBS series based on Tony Hillerman's Navajo mysteries) which I had ordered from Amazon ages ago, and the other being an... erm... plushie Joyce from It's Walky. (No, I have no real justification for the plushie Joyce except I needed something to sit on the VW's back shelf and look out the back window, and plushie-Joyce seemed as good a choice as any.) In all, a nice day; for a change lately, I didn't do any work-code. And I even spent much of the day out of the house!

I start to get the concept of 'weekend.' :)
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