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Laptop, Apple

Today's Achivement

One of my best friends (wonderwombat) lives up over the Canadian border in a small town about an hour east of Vancouver. In addition, we've both started hanging out with our mutual friend ariosa who is over in Vancouver. As a result, I have periods where I'll be driving up to Canada and back down again fairly regularly, and I've gone through quite a few blank CDs burning mix CDs to take with me. A six-CD disc changer in the Beetle is nice, but inevitably I end up wanting to play some other song which I don't have burned, and I've thus been considering for a while getting an iPod.

So, today I went out to do errands and stopped by the Apple store to check if they had a part I needed. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I can't go into the Apple store 'quickly.' I must browse, for Apple has owned my soul since I bought the Powerbook over a year ago. But I held off on the iPod purchase, though I stood there playing with an iPod for something like 20 minutes dithering. (As a side note, someone at the local Apple store has good taste; a bunch of the iPods had the latest R.E.M. single on them.)

I find it rather sad that my achievement for the day is "I resisted the urge to buy an iPod."

Well, I did a bunch of code things for work, too. But I do that every day, so that doesn't count.


I want an iPod! I'll probably buy one, too, eventually. They're getting way popular here in Japan and I do end up travelling around a lot on trains and by foot and stuff when some tunes would be very nice...
This is not helping me feel I made the correct decision in exercising restraint, you realize. ;)
...not to mention that the mod to turn your flower holder into an iPod mount is like, way easy to do, and you could have it all set up in maybe an hour or two...

...and if you got a big one, you could put oodles and oodles of music onto it, and sync it up with Pix whenever you wanted...

...you could make driving playlists that play all the best songs for hitting the Canadian border...

Enabler! :'(

Actually, there's a better mod, which turns the (unusuable anyway) driver-side cupholder into an iPod mount. And they sell the kit for that at the Apple store. For like $12. Combine it with the power adapter, wireless broadcaster (takes over an unused FM radio station to send to the car's radio), and a wireless remote, and you could just dock the iPod into the mount, turn on the radio to the preset station, and have the remote mounted on the dashboard for easy distractionless driving access to the 'next,' 'previous,' 'play' and 'pause' buttons.

As for pink, only the iPod minis come in that color, and they only hold 4 gigabytes. Believe it or not, I have more than 4 gigabytes of music, largely because every time I find where some of my audio CDs have wandered off to, I rip them into my iTunes library. I was thinking of the 20 gigabyte white-and-silver iPod latest model...

Dammit! Okay. I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow to get one.
I've never really pictured myself as Riff; my creations are less prone to exploding, and I don't wear sunglasses or a trenchcoat. If I'm any webcomic character, I'd have to say I'd be Freda from Ban the Basics. ;)
And on your way, you can take my package to the post office! How convenient is that?

You just want your SG-1 and Atlantis fix! I'm onto you.
Yeah, duh! I'm way totally behind. Pout pout pout pout.

Hannah sent me a tape with a bunch of Amazing Races and an episode of Monk. It was awesome.
Monk this season was great. But we've already finished the season. :(
Oh? The one on the tape was 'Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine'. It was cute.

TAR 4 went through them leaving Dubai. I think the next one is India...
Yeah. "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine" was the season finale. :(
I remember reading *somewhere* that they may be releasing colored iPods soon - not just iPod minis. Don't remember where I ran into that rumor, though. Of course, they make covers for the iPod in just about every color possible, I think...
Dude! Why resist? iPods are cool, you have the money, and it's totally convenient for your driving situation.

And what the heck, Monk's season is over already? Is that why, when I finally got around to watching last night (for the first time since The Move) it was a rerun?

How sucky!