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Today's Achivement

One of my best friends (wonderwombat) lives up over the Canadian border in a small town about an hour east of Vancouver. In addition, we've both started hanging out with our mutual friend ariosa who is over in Vancouver. As a result, I have periods where I'll be driving up to Canada and back down again fairly regularly, and I've gone through quite a few blank CDs burning mix CDs to take with me. A six-CD disc changer in the Beetle is nice, but inevitably I end up wanting to play some other song which I don't have burned, and I've thus been considering for a while getting an iPod.

So, today I went out to do errands and stopped by the Apple store to check if they had a part I needed. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I can't go into the Apple store 'quickly.' I must browse, for Apple has owned my soul since I bought the Powerbook over a year ago. But I held off on the iPod purchase, though I stood there playing with an iPod for something like 20 minutes dithering. (As a side note, someone at the local Apple store has good taste; a bunch of the iPods had the latest R.E.M. single on them.)

I find it rather sad that my achievement for the day is "I resisted the urge to buy an iPod."

Well, I did a bunch of code things for work, too. But I do that every day, so that doesn't count.
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