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Silly Wedding Meme

...I take a lot of various memes when bored from friends' journals, but usually only post them if REALLY bored, or if the result is amusing. This time, the result was amusing.

My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marryrain_luong
flower girlganakins
best mantechnoshaman
you will have your last fling withcogitabundus
secretly wants to marry you themselfsurubee
date of the weddingDecember 2, 2040
number of times you do it on your wedding night42
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I'm not sure if I should be more amused that this meme has me marrying bluerain -- a webcartoonist whose work I follow -- or that poor David will be the bridesmaid (I'm sure we'll find him a lovely dress), or any of the other fields. Ah, well. I guess I have another 36 years to wait and see if it's accurate anyway. ;P

Amusingly, I tried a few of my friends to see who they ended up with. Evidently David will also be the bridesmaid at the lesbian wedding of wonderwombat to ladypixel; I guess he likes the role. I'll be wonderwombat's best man, as well, which is... I suppose making a sort of twisted sense if she's marrying Lori and all, and the bridesmaid is David in drag.
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