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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Politics] 9/11 Victims' Families

I like to pride myself on trying to be open-minded rather than blindly following party lines. Even though I make no bones about the fact that I'm pretty solidly in the camp summed up by the last two squares of the "Kerry" line in this political cartoon, I still try to read pro-Bush articles as well, to get a rounded view.

This article, I'm not really sure it's pro /anyone/, but it does make you think about what the views are of those who lost the most in the 9/11 attacks. The quote below sums it up pretty well...

Diane Fairben, whose son Keith was a paramedic who arrived at the trade center minutes after the first plane hit, said she remembered thinking when the war in Iraq began, "This is the beginning of more young people dying."

But her thinking mirrored the sometimes contradictory views of 9/11 families. Mrs. Fairben, who described herself as a registered Democrat, said she expected to vote for Mr. Bush in November. She said Mr. Kerry's handling of attacks on his Vietnam record had not impressed her enough to win her vote.

Also, she said, "I agree with the president right now that we've got to keep doing what we're doing in Iraq, and I'm afraid to think what would happen if Kerry would undo that."

Still, the relatives' view of the post-Sept. 11 world is not dominated by their concerns about terrorism to the exclusion of other issues. Fewer than a quarter of respondents said terrorism would be the single most important factor behind their presidential vote. Roughly equal numbers said they had "a lot" or "some" confidence in Mr. Bush and Senator John Kerry to make the decisions needed to protect the country against terrorism, though more expressed "a lot" of confidence in Mr. Bush.


For those who have zero to no desire to deal with the NY Times' registration fiddle-faddle, there's www.bugmenot.com .
Yeah, I forgot about the registration fiddle-faddle. I'm an actual NYT subscriber, so they already have my info and I didn't care to duplicate it online. ;) But bugmenot.com is useful for many other things, and there's a Firefox extension which will automatically bugmenot log-in on most sites.