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FF Sparks (Casual)

Via shadowfey we get the relationship meme, which is a Meyers-Briggs type of classification of how you work in relationships.  Dunno how accurate it is, but...

eXpressive: 5/10
Practical: 3/10
Physical: 1/10
Giver: 9/10

You are a RSIG--Reserved Sentimental Intellectual Giver. This makes you a People-Pleaser.

Oh, RSIG! You are the most complicated and dynamic of any type. You are brilliant, tender, romantic and a joy to be with. You're the favorite of many of your friends. It's just not a party until you get there. You are bursting with feeling and sentiment and insight but you very rarely express it -- it's not how you want to present yourself to the world. Although you are always studying your non-romantic relationships -- you turn a blind eye to romantic relationships.

You're highly adaptable, and you conform to your circumstances (maybe you're a youngest child?). You would probably be content with almost anyone, and almost anyone would be blissfully happy to have you. But just because you're content doesn't mean you're happy. Don't settle!

You'd rather ignore your problems than rock the boat by creating conflict. Please understand that in the long run ignoring conflict will make you unhappy and your partner exhausted. Try picking a fight just to see how it goes. You'll find out that solving problems is so satisfying for you that it makes conflict worth it.

Your sex life could be fantastic if you could stop worrying about everything so much (did I wash my hands? how do I look? what do I need to do tomorrow?). You need a sweet, expressive lover who makes you feel at ease and never puts pressure on you. If you feel secure with your partner outside the bedroom, it will make all the difference.

You cry at movies. A lot.

Of the 14596 people who have taken this quiz, 8 % are this type.


Mine said I was a teddy bear. and that I had a huge schlong. No, really. That was the last line. 'If you are male, you have a huge schlong. Just saying.'
You ARE a teddy bear.

You're just a teddy bear who really wishes he was Hunter S. Thompson. ;)
What do you mean wishes? What have the swine been telling you?!
Well,I admit when I looked over the list of archetypes, this is the one I predicted you'd get. ;)

So are we all set to form our own romantic comedy or what?
The bit about crying at movies is accurate, at least; seattlenick mocked wonderwombat and I for this at one point.
I think it's like most memes - likely aspects of a number of categories will be accurate. And of course, so many answers on a cusp - with mine, fully 3 out of 4 were by their standards on a cusp, which makes for a hell of a lot of potential different options. The only one which was definite was Giver (8 out of 10).

That said, there are a lot of aspects of yours which do apply to you, but...