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FF Sparks (Casual)

Automail! *.*

Silly Hagaren meme from amurderofcrows.

Who are you in the Hagaren world?

brought to you by Quizilla

Not that any of my friends list other than amurderofcrows or bobson probably actually watch Hagaren so have any idea what this means...but somehow, I'm not wholly surprised at the result. :)


I'm not Winry at all!


*glance over desk. Notice no less than twelve screwdrivers in various pen/pencil/filing holders. Two are duplicates of my favorite screwdriver, just in case one is lost. One has tape on it with 'This screwdriver lives upstairs' written on it so that it doesn't travel down where I won't find it. Two experimental circuitboards left over from my time at a microchip company. Two socket wrenches. A small sound-controlled robot I built when I was in high-school, which follows the sound of clapping until it finds it. Several Gundam models.*

...okay, maybe just a little.
Doesn't surprise me. And, amusingly, she and Winry are hanging out as a duo in the series currently. :)
The glasses do look like mine, I admit.:P And the love of books, well...

*glances over her shoulder at the four bookcases blocking one wall of the living room, the three stacks of books trying to find homes on nonexistent shelf space by the floor, the room with the other bookcases, the box and pile of books in there...*

Er. Well. *pushes her glasses further up on her nose*
Not that I have any clue what this is... but same thing for me. So not a surprise.
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, or 'Hagaren,' is a pretty cool series. It's known in English as 'Full Metal Alchemist.'

I'm borderline between Scar and Scieska. Interesting combination.
Personality-wise, I have a GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE seeing you as Scar, Dan. :)