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FF Sparks (Casual)

Webcam Worm

Now, here is a fun worm for Windows folks. It steals PayPal and eBay passwords, /and/ takes control of your webcam to spy on you.


See, that is only a threat if you don't already have a 24x7 webcam running. :)

Well, beyond that password thingie.
I don't have the passwords, but I do have a webcam pointed at my Mr. T bobblehead 24-7.
I don't have a functional webcame, anyway.

I'm just pissed off at the amount of intrusion attempts I'm receiving. I swear, I'm thinking about sending them windows messages to their IPs telling them to install a virus program.
I feel... so left out of these warnings. Like not being picked for a baseball game wherein all the players get pasted upside the head with meat. Flinging meat. Meat for flinging.

Meat that has been flung. Whatever.
I know. Sometimes I wonder why I'm beta-testing virus software on my Powerbook, when I can't really think of any virii for Macs...