Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman


So, here I am in Chilliwack. Drove up yesterday, hung out with wonderwombat, drove in to Langley, met up with Andrea-whose-LJ-name-I-forget, went to Vancouver planning to go to the aquarium, couldn't find parking, found parking (near horses! Who we sidetracked to go visit), got to the aquarium, discovered a line which would have kept us there for a while, went walking in Stanley Park instead, went back to visit the horses more, and drove around trying to remember where La Casa Gelato was, in order to get ice cream. Drove back to Langley, parted ways, and now I'm back at wonderwombat's house, packing up and preparing to go home.

It was nice, however, to get out of the house for a little while and come visit my Canadian friends. I feel like between changing roommates, political battles in a tech field I have to watch closely for work (and the amount of redundant workload it's created for me as a result of changing protocol standards), and everything else, I've let myself become a little ball of stress. Working from home doesn't help, because I have no boundary between work and play, so I end up working instead of relaxing (in part due to that redundant workload). I kind of feel like I've once again lost confidence in my ability to do anything except code... and it's probably partly because I've not really BEEN doing anything except code for months upon months.

So, getting out of the house for a little while and coming up north of the border was probably a good mental health tactic. Even though I can already feel myself getting grumpier and more cynical at the thought of the inevitable protocol disputes and debates awaiting me on Monday, on the mailing list devoted to the technology in question. In fact, I already see the beginnings of one brewing in my inbox... eergh.

Anyway, off to drive home again!
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